Poco a Poco: Living Faith Everyday

Congratulations to Chaminade’s Nicholas De Castro, winner of this year’s Radio Maria Faith Talk Contest.

Dear Chaminade,

My name is Nicholas De Castro and I am thrilled and humbled to be the winner of this year’s Radio Maria Faith Talk Contest.

During a Chaplaincy meeting, Ms. Achong, the chaplain at Chaminade, handed out flyers for a contest, organized by Radio Maria and the board’s Nurturing Our Catholic Community (NCC) Team, that invited students to write a two-page proposal about how they are living their faith today. When I was looking at the flyer for the first time, I felt something tug on my heart that urged me to take the challenge. But, despite this feeling, all I could think about was, “What could I write that would make a difference in someone’s faith life? I am just an ordinary student doing ordinary things every day.” With that attitude, I put the contest on the back burner for all of March and April.

Now, this is where things got weird. Though, I felt God was calling me to write this proposal, I put it off entirely. Once April 15 passed, which was the initial due date of the contest, I thought I was going to be finally free of the strange feeling that’s urging me to write it. People always say “God works in mysterious ways,” well, I can tell you that is absolutely true. To my utter surprise, they extended the due date to May 26. Not only did I have another month to reconsider writing the proposal, but I had another thirty days with this strange feeling on my heart. All I could think about now was, “Okay, God, I heard you. I guess you really want me to do this. One thing though, please tell me what to write.”

After a few days of praying about this, God answered my prayer. I realized that all God wanted me to write was about my ordinary life. I am not a student trustee nor am I a child celebrity, all I am is just an average tenth-grade student. But, the thing is, God uses everyone. If God can use a small rock to make a giant fall, a mute old man to lead an entire nation, and a few loaves of bread and pieces fish to feed thousands of people – imagine what he can do in your life.

Looking back, I am glad that I wrote this proposal. During the process, I learned so much about myself and especially my relationship with God. When you listen my submission, I hope that this little backstory can help you gage some perspective of where it’s coming from – “an ordinary teenage boy who does ordinary things every day, but in no ordinary way for God.”

Also, be sure to stay tuned because, as a prize for winning the contest, I am going to have a forty-five-minute interview with RadioMario Canada sometime in the future.

I hope you enjoy my submission! God Bless!

Nicholas De Castro