Canadian and World Studies Department

Canadian and World Studies includes the study of geography, history, politics, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, environmental studies and economics. Here your sons will learn all about the world they live in, its origins, issues, systems and institutions, how these have changed over time, and question the impact they want to have in the world. They will develop creativity and critical thinking skills, learn to research using a variety of sources, as well as how to communicate articulately in a variety of forms. They will have experiential learning opportunities both on campus and in the field, make connections with the greater community and those governing it at various levels. ​Above all, they will learn how much their awareness and engagement matter and be empowered to make an impact in their own unique way.

Program Highlights:

  • Experiential learning on the Holodomor National Awareness Tour Mobile Classroom, which we host for History and Civics classes each semester – it is an interactive experience that teaches about media literacy, civic engagement and international relations in the context of the Ukrainian famine genocide in the 1930s.
  • Organizing and facilitating Remembrance Day ceremonies at the school in conjunction with our local Veterans Legion.
  • Field Trips to the Court House and Queen’s Park ​as well as an urban field study of Toronto.
  • Hosting Student Vote for the school via Elections Canada/Elections Ontario during official election periods. 
  • Guest speakers including  lawyers, sitting politicians, police officers, genocide survivors from across the world​, including Holocaust survivor Elly Gotz.

Coming Soon to Chaminade:

Orwell Art – an international education initiative that teaches students about the fragility of democracy and our role as active citizens in safeguarding democracy and human rights around the world. Through this experience, students create public art monuments that are featured in a student gallery each year.

Proudly, Orwell Art is founded by the founded by Nadia Guerrera, the Department Head of Canadian and World Studies.

Courses of Study:

Geography of Canada- Grade 9 Applied (CGC1P)
Geography of Canada- Grade 9 Academic (CGC1D)
Civics- Grade 10 Open (CHV2O3)
Canadian History from World War I to Present- Grade 10 Applied (CHC1P)
Canadian History from World War I to Present- Grade 10 Academic (CHC1D)
American History- Grade 11 University Preparation (CHA3U1)
Understanding the Law- Grade 11 College/University Preparation (CLU3M)
Canadian and International Law- Grade 12 College/University Preparation (CLN4C) & (CLN4U)
Into to Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology- Grade 11 College/University Preparation (HSP3M)
Philosophy: Questions and Theories- Grade 12 University Preparation (HZT4U)