COVID 19 Student Re-Entry

The following are the updated protocols and schedule for student re-entry into Chaminade College School in order to clear out school lockers, retrieve personal belongings and return school text books and other school materials.

Students must know that visiting the school on the dates below is not a social gathering. Rather, students must follow the very important protocols with the goal to protect the health of all community members.

Updated Protocols as of June 4, 2020:

Students are to complete the following survey at home the morning of their scheduled school visit by grade: Toronto Public Health Screening Survey

The Toronto Public Health Screening Survey is to be printed at home and submitted at school upon signing in. If students do not have a printer at home, copies of the survey will be available. Ideally, printing and completing the survey at home will allow for fluid entry into school and will make physical distancing much easier.

Students are to meet at the front of the building and follow all directions;

Only students are allowed in the building;

Students are to be aware of their surroundings. Please line up six feet apart (designated areas). Respect the importance of physical distancing;

Students are asked to wear medical or non-medical face coverings;

Students are to disinfect their hands with the provided hand sanitizer before venturing to their locker;

Students will put any and all text books on the tables in the common area as they depart the school;

Students will have 5 minutes to quickly clear out their locker, return text books and exit the building. If students cannot remember their locker combination, it will be cut off. Students will be given a new locker at no cost in September;

Students are not to visit the school if they have any of the symptoms listed on the Toronto Public Health Screening Survey.

Students are to only visit the school during their scheduled time. Otherwise, materials from lockers can be picked up in September by students who are unable to visit the school based on the schedule below.

Student Re-Entry Schedule:

School Text Books and Materials:

Students are to return all school text books on the day of their scheduled visit. Students are to also return other school items such as musical equipment, digital cameras, tripods etc.

Devices requested by students and provided by the Toronto Catholic District School Board during the course of distance learning are not to returned to the school. Students are to keep the devices until further notice.