English and Modern Languages

To borrow from a famous and a favourite syllabus…by Prof. David F. Wallace (died 2008)
The object of our department is:

“To provide competence in critical reading, knowledge of formal characteristics of plays, novels and short stories, including their development as genres”.

In less narcotizing words, our department aims to show our students some ways to read fiction more deeply, to come up with more interesting insights to how pieces of fiction work, to have informed, intelligent reasons for liking or disliking a piece of fiction, and to write—clearly, persuasively, and above all interestingly—about ideas.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”
Education…from E ducere…to draw others out of “darkness”.

Courses of Study:

English –Academic (ENG1D1, ENG2D1)
English –Advanced Placement Enriched (ENG4UP)
English –Applied (ENG1P1, ENG2P1, ENG1P1, ENG2P1)
English –College ( ENG3C1, ENG4C1)
English –Locally Developed (ENG1L1, ENG2L1)
English –STEAM (ENG1D2 , ENG2D2 , ENG3U2)
English –University (ENG3U1, ENG4U1)
English –University Online Blended Classroom (ENG4UE)
English –Workplace (ENG3E1, ENG4E1)
English -Contemporary Aboriginal Voices –College (NBE3C1)
English –Contemporary Aboriginal Voices –University (NBE3U1)
English -Contemporary Aboriginal Voices –Workplace (NBE3E1)
Literacy Skills –Open (ELS2O1)
Media Studies –Open (EMS3O1)
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course –Open (OLC4O1)
Studies in Literature: Film as Literature (ETS4U1)
The Writer’s Craft –University (EWC4U1)

Core French –Academic (FSF1D1, FSF2D1, FSF3U1, FSF4U1)
Core French –Applied ( FSF1P1, FSF2P1)
Core French –Open (FSF3O1, FSF4O1)

Italian –Academic (LWIBD1)
Italian –University (LWICU1, LWIDU1)

Programming Note:

An important aspect of department programming is to provide students with an authentic opportunity to showcase their work throughout the semester. This speaks to the need for students to be effective communicators, who can readily reflect on learning and also showcase their talents through portfolio design. The goal of the portfolio is to transcend the classroom walls of the school and leverage the power of internet to celebrate student achievement on a grand scale.

Here are a few examples of students portfolios from Gr. 12 Academic English: