The Department of Mathematics at Chaminade College strives to nurture students to build a strong foundation of mathematics, to engage in investigations and explorations of math concepts and theories, and to practice and develop problem solving strategies and math interpretative skills. Students experience the learning of mathematics in a variety of courses, offered at all levels, from locally developed to Calculus and Vectors.

Our dedicated math teachers are committed to make mathematics meaningful to students’ interest and everyday life. They encourage and involve students in taking part in numerous outreach math-related activities and trips, that inspire mathematics in student’ young minds.

As part of the STEAM program, the math department at Chaminade provide opportunities for students to advance their learning of mathematics beyond the Ontario curriculum expectations, and to work with advanced concepts, in-depth topics, investigations and explorations, problems with real-world applicability and technology.

Students are motivated to learn through authentic rich tasks and projects which require the integration of 21st century learning tools. They are prepared and challenged to participate in prestigious math competitions and solve complex math problems and projects which required higher order thinking skills.

Courses of Study:

Gr. 9 and 10 Principles of Mathematics – Academic/STEAM (MPM1D2, MPM2D2)

Gr. 9 and 10 Foundations of Mathematics – Applied (MFM1P, MFM2P)

Gr. 9 and 10 Mathematics – Locally Developed (MAT1L, MAT2L)

Gr. 11 Functions – University /STEAM (MCR3U, MCR3U2)

Gr. 11 Functions & Applications – Univ./College (MCF3M)

Gr. 11 Foundations of College Mathematics – College (MBF3C)

Gr. 11 and 12 Math for Work & Everyday Life – Workplace (MEL3E, MEL4E)

Gr. 12 Advanced Functions – University (MHF4U)

Gr. 12 Calculus & Vectors – University (MCV4U)

Gr. 12 Mathematics of Data Management – University (MDM4U)