From the Hardwood: Coach’s Pride

Another season of senior boys basketball has passed and once again, I’m left applauding the players with admiration of their dedication and pride of what they’ve accomplished both as a team and as individuals. Closing the season with a respectable 10-5 record and narrowly missing this year’s AAA playoffs, the game played and immensely enjoyed by all invested in the team truly transcends sports and speaks to what it means to be collaborative contributors; working as a team and respecting the promise of all members.

With so much good this season, the one sad thing to take from this and all seasons, is that the family that was built since October, is no longer together after school. As an alumnus of Chaminade College, watching and helping these brothers reach their season goals has been an extremely rewarding and fun experience, to say the least.

The team and individual goals set each year, oddly enough, do not relate to wins and losses in basketball, but to much greater skills and life lessons. Primarily, the life lessons include the richness of character development, which is truly inspiring and can never be quantified by season stats or the numbers posted in a game .

Over the past 6 years, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching with fellow alumnus Omar ‘Coach O’ Quamina (@togethercoach_o) who is not only a leader and role model for the team, but also an older brother which whom the players can confide in. Above all else, working alongside Coach O has allowed me to understand the importance of building relationships with the players and valuing these relationships much more than a simple win-loss record. Each player is truly special off and on the court.

Proudly, as alumnus, together with the players and with the support of the entire school community, Coach O and I have worked to create a senior boys basketball culture at Chaminade College that is inclusive, competitive, motivating, and most importantly, fun. The future is very bright for Chaminade Basketball and we are certain it will continue to thrive for the years to come.

Fortes in Fide.

With Pride,

Coach Cioffi

Semester 2 Begins: The Power of Hope

As staff and students gear up for Semester 2 after a tremendously busy and successful first semester, it’s important to take the time to reflect on next steps and the goals ahead. In many schools, especially one as active as Chaminade, the time passes so quickly and the opportunity to reflect is often missed.

So, as Semester 2 begins with vigour, all students are encouraged to take the time to reflect. Reflect on the challenges, successes and next steps that came from Semester 1. This is a time to celebrate what was done well and to actively embrace what can be approved upon. In many ways, it’s the next steps that leads to the deepest learning. With a positive growth mindset (the belief that one can achieve), students can thrive and find their personal success.

It’s important to recognize that reflection and goal setting enables self-regulation and thus an individual’s ability to adapt and thrive. For some students, this can be a challenge, but with a rich partnership between home and school, the power of reflection, goal setting and self-regulation can be tools that shape positive and meaningful results.

Think about this: NBA legend, Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school basketball team and Walt Disney was once fired for a lack of creativity while working at a small local paper. This is to say that all students must have the hope that they can achieve their dreams and that with each new day rests endless possibilities.

So, as we find ourselves in the early start of Semester 2, each student is encouraged to believe in their potential and know that God is with them. It may be challenging at times but with God’s love, hope and positive mindset, anything is possible.

If you need a bit of inspiration, just watch the video below.

As Semester 2 will move quickly, all Chaminade students are to know that they’re not alone. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Success is never found in isolation.

God Bless!

Post By: Anthony Perrotta, Vice Principal