Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education department offers a comprehensive selection of courses that help students learn and develop the skills needed to live a Healthy Active Lifestyle. This is achieved by exposing the students to a variety of activities and sports that have the potential to keep them engaged long after they have left Chaminade College. Along with the physical expectations, students will also study topics such as: Decision Making, Social Skills, Healthy Relationships, Mental Health and Personal Safety. Students who enroll in the Healthy Active Living courses throughout their four years will be fully prepared to continue their studies in College or University. Students can also customize their courses to earn a Specialized High Skills Major distinction in the area of Sport upon graduation.

Courses of Study:

Healthy Active Living Education – Open – Gr. 9 (PPL101, PPL201, PPL301)
Healthy Living and Personal Fitness Activities (Weight Training and Fitness) – Open – Gr. 10 – (PAF201, PAF301, PAF401)
Introductory to Kinesiology – University (PSK4U)

Program Highlights:

Along with the in-school activities, Healthy Active Living students will have an opportunity to take part in activities outside of the school. Excursions such as Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Rock Climbing and pleasure skating are added to the curriculum of activities if time within the school schedule permits.

The Healthy Active Living courses are designed for students of varying levels of fitness and skill. All are welcome, included and encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities.