Religious Studies

The Religious Studies department is based on the five big ideas of the Ontario Catholic Secondary Curriculum Policy Document:  Religious Knowledge and Literacy; Catholic-Christian Anthropology; Theological Reflection; Living Moral Lives and; Celebrating in the Faith Community. 

Students explore sacred scripture, learn about their profession of faith and family life education, examine their Christian moral development, as well as prayer and sacramental life.  Through four years of religious studies, Chaminade College School hopes to nurture the growth of the students who fulfill the Catholic Graduate Expectations of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Courses of Study:

Gr. 9 Discipleship and Culture (HRE101)
Gr. 10 Christ and Culture (HRE201)
Gr. 11 Faith and Culture: World Religions, Open (HRF301)
Gr. 11 Faith and Culture: World Religions , University/College (HRT3M1)
Gr. 12 Church and Culture, Open (HRE401)
Gr. 12 Church and Culture, University/College (HRE4M1)