To Infinity and Beyond: NASA Champs

First Prize for Nasa Space Settlement International Contest Won by Chaminade College!

Congratulations to the 10 Chaminade winners, who were awarded the first prize in the international Nasa Space Settlement Design International Contest, for the grade 12 category:

Domenico Didiano, Rui da Silva Marques, Talon De Freitas, Peter Pulcini, Jimmy Huynh, Matthew Di Rito, Jason Rodrigues, Frank Serafino, Noah Corasaniti and Eugenio DiGregorio.

This annual, international contest challenges student to design a space colony that functions in specific imposed, restricted conditions. The contest, administered by NASA Ames Research Center, is open to all grade 6-12 students from everywhere in the word. In this year’s contest, 2,646 design entries, involving 14,359 students, were sent for evaluation.

The Chaminade team developed a space settlement design for Astraios, one of the permanent human settlements. This settlement is located in the Lagrange point L2, the best place to observe the universe, with a very stable thermal environment, on the line defined by the Earth and the sun. Furthermore, the project focuses on explaining aspects of life sustainability, and the economic, social and political systems of the settlement.

Our passionate Chaminade students collaborated effectively, as a team of future engineers and scientists. They proposed a realistic project, based on scientific facts and observations, supported by theories and relevant research. They invested countless afterschool hours, brainstorming ideas, investigating outer space conditions, reading up on concepts, exploring social, financial and economic models, analyzing statistics, planning and discussing various options, performing calculations and writing up the final project report.

All the hard work has paid off, and the Chaminade team was rewarded with a first-place finish. Way to go boys!!!

It is my hope that these enthusiastic students and their amazing project will inspire younger Chaminade students to learn about outer space exploration and develop creative ideas for building extraterrestrial human settlements.

To the bright, innovative Chaminade champions: My dream is that one day I will be rocketing to outer space to visit the Astraios settlement, and see your vision become reality!

With Pride,

Mrs. Georgescu