The Arts Department

In the Visual Arts Department, students are nurtured to develop their creative talents and to grow in their critical understanding of art history through a variety of success-oriented projects.

Students will gain experience and confidence working in traditional methods and materials such as graphite, coloured pencils, Conté, pen and ink, watercolour, pastels, acrylic & oil paints, as well as post-modern techniques in the art making process. 

Students will develop 21st century skills through computer technologies such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design; exploring the creative potential of digital photography (DSLR camera) and graphic design; and creating and maintaining a digital portfolio. Digital portfolios have become the best way for students to showcase their co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements and is a staple of all Chaminade programming.

Taking Visual Arts is an opportunity for students to reflect and grow through a process of       self-discovery, while developing self-discipline, perseverance, commitment, and teamwork.

Michael Vena, Gr. 10 Visual Arts. Graphite on Illustration Board

Courses of Study:

Grade 9 Visual Arts (AVI 1O1)
Grade 10 Visual Arts (AVI 2O1)
Grade 11 Visual Arts (AVI 3M1)
Grade 11 Digital Art (AWS 3M1)
Grade 11 Yearbook Design (AWD 3M1)
Grade 12 Visual Arts (AVI 4M1)
Grade 12 Digital Art (AWS 4M1)
Grade 12 Yearbook Design (AWD 4M1)

Chaminade offers instrumental music classes from grades 9-12, as well as a diverse number of extracurricular musical ensembles including the Senior Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Junior Concert Band. Our bands perform in festivals including the Ontario Band Association Music Festival, TCDSB Music Festival, Woodbine Music Festival for the Arts, and the Wonderland Music Festival. Chaminade also hosts a Christmas and Spring Concert at the School. On top of this, students participate in trips to the symphony, the theatre, and various musicals around the city. In collaboration with Visual Art and Drama, our students take part in overnight trips to New York City to explore various types of performances, installations and culture. Feel free to come to the music room for more information!​

Senior Band performing at the 2018-2019 Chaminade Graduation Ceremony held at the Meridan Arts Centre (formerly Toronto Centre for the Arts)

Grade 9 Instrumental Music (AMU 1O1)
Grade 10 Instrumental Music (AMU 2O1)
Grade 11 Instrumental Music (AMU 3M1)
Grade 12 Instrumental Music (AMU 4M1)